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The meniscus is the primary shock absorber of the knee. It also provides some stability to the joint. It is crucial to the longevity of your knee and delaying the onset of arthritis.

Sometimes, small tears occur along the edge of the meniscus from injury or early arthritis. If they cause pain and limitations, these small tears can simply be trimmed and smoothed through arthroscopic surgery.

However big tears in healthy young knees should be repaired to restore the knee back to normal. Early repair has much higher healing rates so it is critical to consult an orthopaedic surgeon immediately.

Dr. O’Meara trained with “the father of meniscus repair” who propelled the science of meniscus repair. Dr. O’Meara also became a published authority on meniscus repair surgery. The surgical technique that Dr. O’Meara uses produces a 20% higher success rate over the traditional methods of repair.