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Neck Pain and Back Pain can be very disabling.  Lumbosacral Sprains and Cervical Strains can result from motor vehicle accidents, sports, falls, twisting, lifting and carrying.  Both acute injuries as well as degeneration can damage an Intervertebral Disc and lead to a Herniated Disc.

Progressive degeneration of the spine and discs can generate Arthritis, which can cause pain and stiffness, and Stenosis, which can pinch nerves and cause shooting pain and weakness. 

Dr. O’Meara provides non-operative management for neck and back problems. He provides a thorough diagnostic work-up to identify the cause of the problem and he provides non-operative treatment to relieve the symptoms. There is no need for chiropractors or pain management doctors.

Most conditions of the spine respond well to conservative treatment; but when Dr. O’Meara determines that operative intervention may be needed, he refers his patients to the most outstanding Spine Surgeons in all of San Diego.